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New Enquirer


The results are in!

Not only do readers love The Enquirer's transformation – more readers are remembering the advertisements. Research conducted on advertisements placed in the Monday, March 11 edition of The Enquirer – the first edition in our new format – showed an increase in ad recall among readers. 

The Kroger full-page ad was the most recalled Kroger ad ever tested and nearly 3 out of 4 people recalled this ad. 

25% more people recalled the Broadway Cincinnati strip ad than previously tested Broadway Cincinnati strip ads. 

This strong ad recall isn’t surprising when you hear readers’ responses to the new Enquirer: 
  • One reader said, “The ads and photos really POP!”
  • “Another said, “I spent an extra hour at the breakfast table with it this morning.”

    More time with The Enquirer means more time with your ad – and higher recall. 

    Every week The Enquirer print edition reaches 742,000 people – and with an integrated print and digital campaign, we reach more than 8 out of 10 local adults. 

    The new Enquirer features:

  • More Color Options
  • Standard Ad Sizes
  • New Advertising Options
  • Even More Ad Impact
  • Better ROI

    Readers love it.

    Easy to hold and carry with you

    Try putting this paper on the breakfast table next to your cereal bowl and coffee and it fits. Plus, it’s easy to read from top to bottom. If you don’t get through all the great content, just tuck this portable size right in your briefcase or bag and take it with you. 

    Responsibility to report what others aren’t
    Our readers value Investigative Journalism over everything else we do. When asked about quality over quantity, readers resoundingly want “more in-depth articles” over total number of pages. We’re committed to delivering on that expectation with more “Enquirer Exclusive” and “Enquirer In-Depth” stories. We bring you new angles, shed light on local stories you won’t read elsewhere, and tell you how global and national issues affect you. 

    Topics reflecting the community’s passion
    We asked our readers what they’re passionate about so we could provide the content and information they want most. In the new Enquirer, you’ll see even more stories about places around our area we all love. You’ll find profiles of people in our community who are putting ideas into action. You’ll be inspired by reports of entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating exciting things. And you’ll learn about local events that directly affect you and your family. 

    Stories with purpose
    One of our greatest responsibilities, and greatest privileges, is to be a platform for the voices in our community — whether they’re calling for change or celebrating change. We augment the message of those who speak, and we’re a voice for those who can’t. We write about people in our community who are making a difference every day. 

    Pages are well organized and easy to navigate. Standard ad sizes help contribute to a page where it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. 

    From the very first, the new Enquirer’s bold personality shows. Strong headlines, larger photos and informative graphics help tell the stories. 

    Source: Research & Analysis of Media, March 11, 2013; Versus the previously tested Broadway Cincinnati ad; 2010 Scarborough Market Study; Ad Impact Research, RAM, April 2012; New Format Prototype Focus Groups, April 2012.